This case study

The Problem
A major FMCG enterprise underwent a digital transformation and had various business projects across their departments — digital marketing, distribution management, procurement, human resources management, etc.
Every project needed its own data set and had its specific demands for the current data system. A heavy burden was on the IT team, trying their best to meet all the requests.
The Solution
Our team reviewed the architecture of their data system. We introduced a data mesh that provides managed data infrastructure for every project team. This includes integration and ingestion, storage, quick calculations, and distribution. Afterwards, the IT department took over and continued to populate the mesh.
The Result
Now every project team can build its own domain-specific data subsystem independently.
The Impact
Our client now can make the most of the company's data assets for their ongoing digital transformation.
More details
Check out our CEO's article with more details on this project:

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