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Automize management reports and make useful decisions based on reliable indicators

Our experience stretches a variety of industries including bank customer service data, court records, mining operations, and much more.
We have…
— Over 15 years of experience in data warehousing and reporting systems.
— Completed more than 50 Business Intelligence projects for both government institutions and commercially-owned enterprises.
— Created systems both integrating retail software and programming our own from scratch.
— Mastery in developing data warehouses using BigData, DataLake, and DataVault modeling.
— Up-to-date forecasting and advanced data analytics.
Etl, dwh, bi, olap, big data, eav, scd2, apache hbase, apache kafka, postgresql, etc

Get Only the Best Business Solutions for Your Biggest Business Challenges with Custom Software

We have experience in real estate management, retail insurance, printing, and countless other industries.
We have…
— Over 10 years of experience developing business applications.
— A team of entrepreneurs that understands your entrepreneurial needs.
— A distinct focus on app user-friendliness and programmers constantly rewriting and improving our code.
— The expertise to develop fully functional applications on both mobile and desktop devices.
— Inhouse tech support for all our users meaning that support agents actually understand your app.
Node.Js, react, angular, python, java, c#, etc

We Will Dedicate an Entire Team to Your Task

Expect nothing less than…
Analysts, engineers, and managers all focusing exclusively on your project and only your project
Projects, results, and deadlines all created based on your personal needs
Quality work done on time and within your budget

Our Experts and Engineers are Ready to Assist Your Team

With us…
Save money by paying for only the hours actually spent on your task
Expand your team with battle-tested professionals
Save time on searching for, hiring, and training a specialist

About us

We don't work to work; we work to achieve results. As seasoned professionals, it's only when we reach our goals that we receive any pleasure or reward.

By valuing honesty, openness, the free exchange of ideas, and the development of ourselves and each other all based on mutual respect and understanding, we strive to not only meet our goals but exceed them.

Based in Moscow with employees all across the world, including in the US, Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan, we are dedicated to bringing a new level of data management to the market.
European Headquarters 2k4 Novodmitrovskaya Street, Moscow, Russia 127015

North American Headquarters Coming Soon!
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