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How to Automate Business Reports and Speed Up Decision Making with Data Lake

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This case study

Heavy Machinery dealer's top level of management were unhappy with the work done by the data analysis team.
They were especially concerned with the time taken to collect, analyze and visualize data upon request.
Sometimes, the analytical results were not provided on time, and the final decision had already been made.
When management found out that they spend only 3 FTE updating existing reports manually, they decided it was time to take action.
We have identified all existing reports and corresponding data sources, as well as provided comprehensive descriptions in the data catalog.
We have instantiated a cloud Data Lake based on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.
Ingestion processes were configured for every single data source according to respective data types and business requirements.
Data from every source has now been updated at the speed of lightning by the means of Azure Synapse Pipelines, and stored in SQL-like storage. All data is ready to be evaluated by Power BI, both for reporting and analytics needs.
Specific data sets have been generated and all reports transferred to Power BI with regular updates every morning, delivered via Email.
Now, analysts prevent embarking on a time-consuming mission every time a new report is needed. Instead, all they need to do is pick necessary data bits from the catalog.
They can instantly connect to data within 40+ business applications and start using this data within minutes.
All new and existing reports are effortlessly updated by the data team.
Business Value
The average time for fulfilling any analytical request has dropped from 5 days to 4 hours. Decision-making speed has reached the next level.
The company began saving $ 360,000 on a yearly basis on manual data operations.
Growth-inhibiting data architecture has been replaced by a new, expandable system.
More details
Check out our CEO's article with more details on this implementation:

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